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Our organization takes care to make sure that our activities do not cause harm to anyone including the environment. We keep in mind that preventing all injuries, illness and mishaps is our number one priority. We also follow the OHS act where the employer must, where reasonably practicable, provide and maintain a safe, healthy work environment that is without risk to employees and our customers.


All our products are ISO and CE approved. The manufacturers take responsibility for the compliance of the products with all applicable European health, safety, performance and environmental requirements. All new products go through a quality check to ensure the class is up to our standards. Our products are mostly European and U.S made.

We have developed a well informed and vast experienced personnel team to ensure the projects are successful and clients are fully satisfied. We actively engage in the quality assurance in our products which meets the requirements of international standard. Quality is the main objective that drives all decisions and covers all activities in ITL.


ITL provides multiple services that include but not limited to: trade in medical instruments, equipment and materials, medical drugs, lab tools and accessories, importing chemical materials, lab medical complexes, consultancy and more. Our consultancy services provide all necessary measures to create a flawless IVF laboratory or clinic. We are ready to provide clinics and hospitals with all the equipment and services they need to run a successful healthcare establishment.


Improving humanity one patient at a time. We focus on trust and confidence over profit. Our success is measured by the lives we assist and improve not the profit we obtain.