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To encourage confidence and hope in every patient in need by providing the proper means of equipment and treatment.


Presenting all means necessary for Qatar to become the number one healthcare system in the world.

Growth and development

International Technical Legacy is a Qatari based company founded in March 2009 with the intention of perfecting the medical field in Qatar. We are very fond to be managed and directed by Ms. Rafia H. Fikri, who is of Qatari nationality and the sole owner of the company, who uses her business background of 17 years to personally tend to all customers. We succeeded by finding the most appropriate and best technology to be utilized in its services. Now, looking forward, we are one of the top suppliers of medical equipment in Qatar. Our customer service team is trained in human relations that ensure prompt and honest response. Our Biomedical team is competitive, self-motivated with strong knowledge of medical technology and equipment. Today, as the number of medical facilities increases around Qatar, so is the demand for medical supplies. It is our objective to make Qatar globally recognized as one of the best healthcare systems in the world by providing world renowned premium quality medical supplies from around the globe.