IVF Devices & Media

ITL provides equipment that offer the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology. For the past 14 years, ITL has perfected its IVF equipment and Media.


Intermediary, shipping products from certified and approved manufacturers to pharmacies and hospitals. We provide all means necessary to pharmacies including home testing kits, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, and dressings. 

Medical Devices

We provide medical devices, instruments, apparatuses, implements, machines, appliances, implants, reagent for in vitro use, software, material or other similar or related article, intended by the manufacturer to be used, alone or in combination for a medical purpose.

Medical Equipment

Our medical equipment is used for the specific purposes of diagnosis and treatment of disease or rehabilitation following disease or injury; it can be used either alone or in combination with any accessory, consumable or other piece of medical equipment.

Medical Consumables

General medical consumables include a vast range of products typically used on a day to day basis for a whole host of application in a clinical environment. This includes chemicals, media and device consumables

Laboratory Equipment Devices

The ITL team is equipment with a broad range of suppliers in the field of laboratory equipment. This includes diagnostics, cell culture, environmental testing, biobanking, forensics, IVF, and more. Our dedicated team will enable you to identify the right products for your specific area of interest and assist you with any technical support required.

Dental Equipment & Devices

ITL team provides state-of-the-art dental equipment including devices, consumables, and implants. We are committed to the latest technology with proven solutions to improve cost efficiency and the overall well-being of patients. We assist dental professionals to deliver the best possible care.


ITL provides all means necessary for labs and medical clinics to attain their required chemicals. This includes testing chemicals for lab research as well as cleaning chemicals.


From PCR pathogen detection kits, assisted reproductive therapy, and instruments & consumables. ITL provides the best equipment for all Veterinary clinics in Qatar.


Our IVF department supplies some of Qatar’s most elite hospitals and IVF clinics on a stable monthly basis. These establishments include but are not limited to:

Hamad Medical Corporation




Al Ahli Hospital

Al Fardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine

Elite Medical Center

Fakih IVF Qatar

The Feto Maternal Medical Center Doha